Let the Ball Drop

If you were lonely, sad and lazy in 2013, the fact that you procrastinated on your goal-setting until the 31st is evidence that you will also be lonely, sad and lazy in 2014. If you keep putting off change – go figure – nothing ever changes. Most of the time, New Years Resolutions only reaffirm that you are the huge failure you have always been.

But Lu Ann Cahn did something amazing in the year of 2010. As she describes in her recent book I Dare Me,  she had one new experience every day of that year – she ate a scorpion, rode a mechanical bull, hung from a trapeze, and did many other things that bordered on insanity. What truly inspired me though was her resolve to see her Resolution to it’s completion. She stopped waiting for justice, and she took the initiative to seize liberation.

Seriously, the things I would do if I had more than $3.41 in my bank account right now. But I think wasting my life waiting around for “enough” scares me more than risking discomfort.

Lu Ann Cahn running into freezing waters New Years Day, 2009

Lu Ann Cahn running into freezing waters New Years Day, 2010

“As we get older there’s still so much that’s fresh, new, and exciting: first kiss, first driver’s license, first heartbreak, first job, first plane ride. Those experiences shape you, stretch you, and bring new wonder to life. But at some point, the Firsts in life dry up. You get busy with school, work, family, kids, and responsibilities. You get locked into your routines. You get comfortable… You know that something needs to change, but change is scary. So you wait and nothing changes. You’re stuck,” writes Lu Ann.

Enough is enough. I’m not making promises to myself this year, I’m not writing resolutions. I’m conducting an experiment. I want to know – how will having a new experience every day re-inspire and reinvigorate my life?

Comment with ideas, questions, and inspirations.

Happy Almost 2014!!

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2 thoughts on “Let the Ball Drop

  1. You’re the inspiring one. I absolutely adore this idea and I can’t wait to see all the new things you try. I began my firsts on 27 December (impulsive as I usually am) by having my first photoshoot and eating sushi for the first time. Small things for most, but big steps for me. The self-pride it fueled taught me two things: new experiences need not be extraordinary, and it’s really okay to say you’ve never done something before. I wish you well on your adventures.

    • Thank you so much! I completely agree, new experiences are valuable no matter how short or small, and it is so fun trying new things. Like sushi? Life changing, right? That stuff is addicting. I can’t wait to read more!

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