#5. Melt crayons on my nightstand.

When I thought I was going to redecorate my room last summer, I began by bringing it to what I called “square one.” I painted the room white, bought some white furniture and a white duvet. I thought that from there, I would build up my skeleton of a room to make it creative and full of personality.

Only problem, “square one” turned out to be the only square I ever pursued. And my room has been creamy and boring ever since.

So today – six months later – I finally started the remodeling process with just one small nightstand.

My idea:

Step 1 – Take this nightstand:


Step 2 – Peel some crayons:

photo 3

Step 4 – Hot glue peeled crayons onto nightstand:

photo 1

photo 3









Step 5 – Blow-dry crayons until they melt:

Melt crayons with blowdryer

And finally…

Step 6 – Glue crayon wrappings to drawers:

photo 4

It didn’t turn out at all how I expected it would, and it took me about 4,302,239,302.33 hours to finish. But it was a relatively easy Lazy Sunday project, and my room is so much brighter now because of it!

What are some other good crafty DIY projects for the artistically inept?

Any suggestions? Please comment!

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2 thoughts on “#5. Melt crayons on my nightstand.

  1. I made a ton of stuff for my dorm when I had (a lot) of free time this summer. I used burlap which you can do sooo much with!

    • Really? What did you make? I struggled with this and it was basically just hot glue and crayons. Haha but I’m definitely up for trying other projects!

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