#8. Go a day without using my phone.

Okay everyone clam down, deep breaths. The reason I haven’t texted you all back today is because I decided, for once, not to use my phone.

The amount of time I spend distracting myself from my actual life with my virtual one is actually astounding, and its been a long time since I have been entirely present in every moment of my day. Its been a while since I have engaged with the people in my life without feeling the constant compulsion to converse with people who aren’t even near to me. Now that the people in our lives are always accessible, there is an expectation that we should always be, um, accessing them.

But for today, my phone doesn’t exist. The people I planned to be with are the people that I will be with. Sorry to disappoint the hoards of people blowing up my phone right now, but everyone is just going to have to hold off until tomorrow.

How else can I spend a day engaging in the present rather than constantly distracting myself from it? Brainstorming is welcome.

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