#9. Meet the owner of a restaurant.

Panos is the best Greek restaurant in Buffalo, in my opinion. Back in high school, my friends and I ate there frequently, and after a semester away at college, not much has changed.

The waitress had just cleared the plates of french toast, hamburgers, and omelets from brunch (brunch is such an awkward meal) and we were waiting for the check to arrive when my friend spotted the owner emerging from the kitchen.

“Let’s go say hello!” I said excitedly.

I convinced no one but my friend Jennie, who agreed on the precondition that she would only have to take the picture of him and I together, and wouldn’t have to say or do anything else.

“Are you Pano?” I asked, walking up to him. The restaurant is called Panos. I already knew his name was Pano.

He smiled widely as I told him how much I loved his restaurant and the food he serves.

“My name is Lindsay, by the way.”

“Aginsay?” He asked, leaning forward.

“Yes, yes that’s right. And what is your name again?” Why did you ask him that? A) He just told you. B) You ALREADY KNEW WHAT HIS NAME WAS.

“Pano.” Duh.

Okay move on from it. Just brush it off. Move on quickly.

“Would you mind getting a picture with me?” I said, gesturing toward Jennie, who was wordlessly holding up the camera.

But he turned, calling over another employee. We were now officially making a scene. “Lydia, come take a picture of us!” said Pano happily, in his adorable Greek accent.

Lydia came over quickly, taking the camera from Jennie, who continued to protest. But she was ushered to Pano’s side, and the picture was successfully snapped.

Me with my new bestie. I think his name is Pano?

Jennie and I with my new bestie. I think his name is Pano?

“Great,” I said turning to Pano. “Now that we’re friends, can I eat here for free?”



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2 thoughts on “#9. Meet the owner of a restaurant.

  1. This is something I’ve wanted to do myself. Although I’ve wanted to meet the head chef and personally thank him for a good meal. I’ll definitely add this to my own list.

    • It was extremely satisfying to finally meet the face behind the food I have enjoyed for so many years. You should definitely go for it!

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