#21. Steal a piece of pizza.

Work closed early tonight because of a large snowstorm and a driving ban. I hadn’t eaten anything, so after work I went to the pizza place down the street for a quick slice. My feet were slipping in the several inches of snow, and I pulled my hood over my entire face as more continued to pour down. Needless to say, I was grateful to finally be inside the warm restaurant.

I ordered a slice of pepperoni and stepped to the counter to pay.

“Do you take American Express?” I asked.

It was the one card they didn’t take. I fumbled in my purse for some quarters – and found three.

“Uhh,” I looked up helplessly at the girl behind the counter, who was narrowing her eyes at me. I took the hint. “That’s okay. Um, no problem! I’ll just leave.”

I started walking out the door.

“Wait!” She called at me. I stopped in the doorframe. “We put it in the oven already.”

She was noticeably rolling her eyes now. I protested weakly, making another small motion toward the door.

“Are you sure? I can just go.”

She said nothing and made no further motions to stop me from leaving. The rest of the employees were now turning to frown at me. With what I hope was the appropriate amount of shame, I turned around and collected my free slice.

Wouldn’t want it to go to waste!

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