#22. Build a snowman…as an adult.

To be clear, it’s me who’s the adult. Not the snowman. Although the snowman could be an adult, I suppose. I’ll leave that for its viewers to decide.

It’s impossible to be from Buffalo, NY and not have winter-themed events be an integral part of your childhood. I played a role in the erection of countless igloos, snowmen, snowwomen (which my misogynist computer tells me is not, in fact, a real thing), snow animals, snow forts, etc., etc. But I haven’t reclaimed this playful, snow-frolicking side of myself for over ten years now. Enough is enough, there is snow on the ground, and now is the time!

So behold – the first snowman built in my adulthood:



We think it should be named Bertha, but other suggestions are also welcome.

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