#37. Help a stranger carry heavy packages.

This chick was struggling hard. No one else was around, or I’m sure they would have beat me to helping her. I mean, she looked really really pathetic.

After we exchanged names and finished talking about how we are both freshman, she asked me: “Do you take Chinese?”

What a random thing to ask. Well, I’m glad she asked me such a strange question. Although, no, I do not take Chinese, it turns out we have a mutual friend from China! How fun!

(Sidebar update: Unfortunately, I will not be singing in an a cappella group this semester. Even though this isn’t my year, I feel so grateful to have participated in the audition/callback process. It took just one small risk for me to recognize that this could be something I really like and might be interested in doing in the future. I am so happy I spontaneously wandered into that audition room completely unprepared, and sang mediocrely in front of a group of ridiculously talented singers. I had a great time and also got lots of free food. Am I going back next year? Obviously.)

(Another sidebar: This post is late because work went late and I started writing it late. Sorry for posting it so late! Later!)

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