#43. Hide an anonymous note in a loose brick.

To get back to campus from the bus station, I have to walk up a monstrosity of a hill made entirely of brick. All of Rhode Island is flatter than a sheet of paper, so obviously they would pick the only hill in the entire state to build the University on top of.

I was struggling up this hill with a friend, when we saw a lose brick sticking up from the slope. It’s not hard enough to walk up a hill that is at an 87 degree angle to the rest of the world, without tripping upwards, rolling all the way back down, and being killed by oncoming traffic – and it definitely helps to have a huge brick sticking out of the ground as a further obstacle to pedestrians.

The hole in the sidewalk also created the perfect opportunity for hiding a secret, anonymous message. I made sure to stick the brick back into place vertically, so it remained protruding from the ground. Therefore, whoever dies in that spot will find themselves faced with a very kindly worded letter wishing them good luck in the after-life.

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