#49. Survive a nine hour bus ride.

The ride from Washington, DC to New York City was fantastic. I had my seat, and the seat next to me all to myself. I had a big, squishy pillow, and the few others on the same bus seemed to all concede to silence. I slept in blissful silent solitude until it was time to switch busses at the New York station.

In New York, I quickly found my next bus’ gate, which was not scheduled to depart until 1 p.m. However, there was a driver standing outside who quickly turned to me, and told me that there was another bus departing for Providence at 11:30 a.m.

Last DC sunrise.

Last DC sunrise.

Even though taking the earlier bus caused me to miss my lunch break (and I had left too early to have time for breakfast), I was still feeling pretty good. The bus driver was nice and I was going to get home early!

I think things began to take a turn for the worst when I decided to sit directly behind a fussy woman who had reclined both her seat and the one next to her. I squeezed my bag under the chair (barely) and my knees rested on the back of her chair.

And then Pete sat down right next to me and things really started going downhill. He asked me an impressive array of questions, including: “So uhh, do you, like, have friends at Brown?” and “Do you like to party?” and “Where do you um hang out?” After a bit of this I opened a book and pretended to read.

In addition, the once kind, happy, and generous bus driver became a boisterous obstruction to my nap. He checked in about every hour with obnoxious and overenthusiastic announcements. In the last fifteen minutes or so, he began updating every-two-minutes (..”andddd now we have twelve minutes until arriving in Providence, Kennedy Plaza Station, again that is twelve minutes twelve minutes everybody, twelve minutes until we arrive at Kennedy Plaza Station.. andd now we have ten minutes, ten minutes people…”).

I had to wait until essentially everyone had exited the bus (i.e. the woman in front of me and Pete) until I could wrench my bag from the seat underneath me and gather my belongings. Although hungry and exhausted, I’m not sure I’ve ever been happier to climb up that huge hill back to my bed.

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