#58. Go a full day without eating.

Which isn’t so hard actually, when you wake up at 11:30 and take several naps throughout the day.

I had a really difficult time explaining to people why I wanted to do this, and I was honestly surprised by the reactions. Most people were confused, even shocked. A few said: “that’s really bad for your health,” or “there’s no need to starve yourself!” It’s just one day of my life without food, I thought. Is it really such a big deal? 

I actually felt more taken aback that I’ve never done this before. Really? I’ve never gone one day in my life without a full stomach? Surely, there was that one day I was sick… no even then I had soup. Or the day I went to…the day I didn’t…

I couldn’t bring myself to think of one time I hadn’t at least consumed something during the day.

Eating has never been something I do to keep myself alive - it’s something I do because it is fun. I was miserable today, mostly because my life usually revolves around eating or thinking about the next time I am going to eat. I feel so lucky that in my life, I have always thought about food this way, and may never have had to see food with the anxiety and terror that others do.

In answer to why I spent today doing this: Not to make any dramatic “Feed the Hungry” statement that I don’t truly understand and will never be able to relate to. Not to ruin my health or become anemic. Not to deprive myself of happiness.

I did it to remind myself of the advantages I have been given and to increase my gratitude for what I have been provided. I never have to go a day on an empty stomach. It is possible that the only times in my life that I will ever forgo eating will be the times that I choose to.

So as I blissfully scarf down a spicy chicken sandwich, mozzarella sticks, rice pudding, apple slices, an almond croissant, and whatever I decide to get from the vending machine later on, I am feeling immensely grateful for the life I have been given, and I hope to use that privilege to effect and benefit the lives of others in the future.


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One thought on “#58. Go a full day without eating.

  1. George

    Wow impressive!

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