Two Down: February

I feel thrilled to be two months into this already. I want to say thank you very much to everyone who has been reading consistently, commenting, and suggesting new ideas. Most of my ideas are secondhand, and I am so grateful to those who continue to support me in this project.

I have been very inspired recently by the actions of others:

Carri – a reader who has supported and followed me since day one – has has a fantastic blog titled ‘My 2014 Pursuit of Happiness’ ( She started her year similar to how I started mine, looking for a way to break from her comfort zone and enrich her life. Since then she has done an array of amazing things – like planting a garden, forgiving an old friend, making her own juice, and reconnecting with life’s simple pleasures. I look to her site frequently as a source of joy and inspiration, and I am so grateful for her constant support and encouragement.

Another writer who I am consistently appreciative of is Julianna Bradley, who’s posts have also encouraged me and guided me throughout this process. In her blog, The Yellow Pages, ( she looks at difficult questions we are often presented with, and relates them to her own life experiences. Whether it’s staying positive through the dreary months, or challenging deep-set fears, she has an inspiring perspective on how to live life.

Lastly my friend Bernadette, who has been sending me ideas since the beginning, has recently pledged to begin her own journey – doing something each day to increase her personal happiness. Even if its something small, like taking an hour from a busy day to go to a yoga class and relax, she has resolved to have small moments like this every day and see where they take her. A potential blog project for myself next year, maybe?

February: The Month of Love.

I tried to take risks this month that involved people. My eavesdropping experience in January inspired me to try to see people as the stories they have to tell, the beautiful things they’ll create, and the interesting things they have to say – if I am willing to listen.


This month I exchanged phone numbers, got other people dates, talked to strangers, left candied hearts in the dining room, and in general – I tried to make my focus of the month stories of friendship and love. I plan to continue spreading the love by marrying tons of people next month!

Looking Towards March

I am raising my expectations for myself in March. So far, I have done a lot of random, fun and exciting things. However, I haven’t challenged myself to deal with large fears and insecurities. Month Three is as good as any to start intentionally grappling with the things I struggle with the most.

As always, please please PLEASE keep giving me ideas! Most ideas just come to me as I go about my usual schedule and I have a list of back-ups, but your ideas are invaluable to maintaining the momentum of this project. Thank you so much again. Love you all!

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3 thoughts on “Two Down: February

  1. Love it!! You inspire me everyday! Your blog reminds me that something extraordinary happens everyday, all we have to do is find it.

  2. Thanks Julianna!

  3. George

    Great job Maggie! Hopefully I can give you a few ideas.

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