#64. Work out on every machine at the gym.

Usually when I’m at the gym (which is always), I run on the treadmill for about a half hour and increase my pace after each mile. I’m always fascinated by people who say they use running as their “think time.” My thoughts never go much deeper than wondering what that yellow spot is on the wall, or the cramp in my ribcage, or what I am going to eat for dinner later.

Running is awful. But not so awful when you do different kinds of it for only five minutes at a time. I started on the elliptical, moved to the curved treadmill, and the not-curved treadmill. I finished my cardio with five minutes on the bike. From there, I machine hopped all throughout the gym, ending finally at the bench-press – where I benched an even 400 lbs and called it a day.

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