#66. (Almost) Steal a road sign.

Lauren (my roommate) and I were walking towards class. As we neared the corner of the street, we saw a “One Way” sign on the sidewalk propped against the pole.

“You should take it,” said Lauren. If anyone in my class asked why I had it, I could say I was doing an art project or something. And who knows, maybe I would!

However as I started briskly striding away with the four foot long sign under my arm, I heard a beeping in the near distance. Probably just a traffic jamI turned around.

Nope, it was a cop sitting on the adjacent street. And he did NOT look happy.

“Oh, you see, I was just…I was just going to move it..” I called out feebly. My laughter jeopardized my credibility a little though, I think.

It’s a good thing it was cold out today, because he expressed no desire to leave his warm car to arrest me. He gave me a stern look though – and continued to shake his head as I placed the sign back where I found it, and quickly sprinted away to class.

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