#77. Drink an “everything” latte.

I’m going to start marketing this drink to our regular customers in the hopes that someone will pick it up as their usual drink.

It is very simple to make:

1. Begin steaming a pitcher of milk of your choice.

2. Put one pump of every syrup (Raspberry, Peppermint, Caramel, Vanilla, Hazelnut, Toffee Nut, Cinnamon Dolce, Mocha, Flan, Chai, White Mocha, Sugar Free Mocha, Sugar Free Peppermint, Sugar Free Caramel….).

3. Pull three shots for the latte.

4. (Here comes the fun part) Drink as much as you can before you are forced to vomit. I would suggest making it into a fun competition with your friends. Who can drink the most out of the cup before puking it back up?

Tip: Do not puke back into the cup when you puke, it does not improve the smell of the drink.

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