#89. Play a practical joke on someone.

I probably should have waited a couple days for this one, but the opportunity arose and I couldn’t help but take advantage of it. I’m just going to think of today as practice for Tuesday.

The last April fool’s that I remember playing a practical joke, I think I was seven. My sister and I planned to dump water on each other’s heads to wake each other up for school. Because it was so carefully planned in advance (we put down towels beforehand) I think it is too lame to qualify as an actual practical joke.

Today I stopped by Starbucks to get my schedule for the week and offered my coworker Matt one of my homemade brownies:


They look delicious right? He thought so too. As he picked one up for a bite though, he realized that the treat was actually a lump of espresso, shrouded in piles of caramel. So unfortunately, my joke didn’t work.

I am going to improve this in the future by compounding the espresso into a large, cake-like mass and frosting it with icing. I will have a slice “pre-cut” for everyone to try.

But with such a close proximity to April fool’s, I think I better save that one for next year.

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