Three Down: March

Okay I have a confession to make… I didn’t actually do anything in March that I said I did. I did a couple things but they were all things I’ve done before or things I made up. I sincerely apologize and I promise that April will be different.

APRIL FOOL’S!! Gotcha.

In reality, I had some lofty goals for March. I wrote in last month’s summary:

“So far, I have done a lot of random, fun and exciting things. However, I haven’t challenged myself to deal with large fears and insecurities. Month Three is as good as any to start intentionally grappling with the things I struggle with the most.”

This unclear ambition served as a beneficial guideline. I did do a few things that required me to challenge some of my insecurities. I cut my own hair off, which was terrifying and exhilarating in its own pathetic way. I raised my voice in a lecture hall of over 300 people and I went to an uncomfortable counseling session. I approached strangers on the bus and talked to them about their lives.


Yet I must admit, I spent the majority of the month doing small, last minute things – primarily involving food – towards the end of my day just to say I did something.

“I’d forgotten how much fun it is to try something new,” wrote Lu Ann Cahn in her book describing her own year of first experiences. “It didn’t take much time before I was excited to get up every morning.”

Lu Ann’s experiences were so exciting because they were intentional. She had a plan for how she would do something fun and interesting with each day and she followed through.

In April I am going to imitate this sentiment. Somewhat. Obviously life is unexpected, and I will account for any changes accordingly. However, this month will be the most effective if I have clear goals for the month and each week, and I intentionally follow through.

April Goals:

1. Plan each week in advance.

2. Do one “big” thing every week – something that is difficult or will change me in some way.

3. Explore. Do a few things that take me from my usual places and routines.

I am sure I will think of several more as the month goes on. But for now, this is a good place to start.


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