#96. Visit Johnson and Wales University.

Visiting Johnson and Wales was entirely unintentional. I planned to go for a run in the park near the water and when I got there, I decided to turn right rather than going my usual left. The path zagged far away from the waterfront and I found myself running under an overpass, through a construction site,  and down unfamiliar unmarked roads and thruways. I was very lost.

I continued running through what was becoming an increasingly sketchy area until I finally recognized a landmark in the distance that I usually see on my regular bus route. On the bus route, I almost always drive past Johnson and Wales, but I have never actually gone onto the campus. Today was a beautiful day, so I decided to pause my workout to check it out. Maybe I would walk through some of their buildings, see their dining hall, and get a feel for the campus, I thought.

However, it didn’t end up being so easy to just casually stroll across the campus. I actually looked so suspicious that they probably have my face posted everywhere as someone to keep an eye out for. Being a Sunday, most of the buildings were not open and I followed a few people into buildings that ended up being residence halls. Obviously I wasn’t going to try to go into anyone’s dorm rooms, so I stood in the lobby pretending to be waiting for someone, and then slipped out quietly before drawing more attention to myself.

If I ever accidentally find my way to Johnson and Wales again, for now, I’ll probably just try to lay low.

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