#128. Have a 45 minute speaking exam.

After two semesters of learning Hindi, I would love to say that the speaking exam was as lengthy as it was because I, the fluent speaker that I am, kept effortlessly pushing the conversation forward. Unfortunately though (or fortunately for me, I suppose) I only had to say yes/no every now and again, followed by a brief question in Hinglish. From there, my professor Ashok steered the conversation towards tea, Starbucks, wives, past students, Niagara Falls and a wide array of other delightfully irrelevant topics.

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2 thoughts on “#128. Have a 45 minute speaking exam.

  1. Grammom

    I am amazed that you would want to speak Hindi as opposed to Spanish or German or Chinese!! Is this where we are headed??? Be interested in your rationale!

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