Four Down: April

April was undoubtably a whirlwind. With the academic year coming to a close, there were weekends of concerts, the ending of classes and activities, final exams, and many other commitments and events. My posts have been increasingly inconsistent for this reason.

At the beginning of the year, I relied heavily on daily posts as a way to ensure that I did one new thing every day. Now, I do not question or worry about whether I will have a new experience each day, I have learned how easy it is to include a small one into my daily routine. Many days, my new experience is a 11:30 afterthought, like popping a lot of bubble wrap, calling a wrong phone number, or using a ton of credits at the dining hall.

photo 5

It is exciting that these first experiences have become such a casual inclusion into my normal life. However, in May, I want to begin posting consistently again. At the beginning, posting every day was for my personal benefit — it kept me motivated and on track. A large part of why I began doing this though was to share my experiences with the people in my life, which I can only do by continuing to regularly document the things I do.

I am home now for the summer and am planning some exciting first experiences. I am planning on keeping track of them every day.

As always, continue sending suggestions!


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