#139. Work as a waitress.

The restaurant I have begun working at characterizes itself as a “fine-dining” restaurant, and I’m someone who grew up on Chinese takeout and Kraft mac and cheese. My employer looked at me incredulously when I had no idea what Beef Burgundy was, when I pronounced ‘Cabernet’ as ‘Cabaret’ and had no idea the difference between Boston Scrod and Scrod Romano. Autocorrect just fixed half those words for me.

Nevertheless, my first table was a friendly trio of elderly women. When I fumbled over the specials and forgot the soups of the day, I felt obligated to tell them that they were my very first table. They smiled kindly and told me I was “doing great.”

As I was clearing their plates away and they were preparing to leave, one of the ladies stopped me. “Sweetie, what is your name?”

“Oh no! I didn’t even tell you my name!” I said, mildly horrified. “It’s Lindsay.”

“Lindsay, you did a great job sweetheart.” And they left me a really big, undeserved tip.

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One thought on “#139. Work as a waitress.

  1. Grammom

    I was taught waitressing by the best! Your great grandmother, Anna Gantz! My first serve was served to the floor upon opening the door from the kitchen! The boss forgave me and corrected my “arm” so that I could get back thru the door! I have a million of them!!

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