#146. Attempt the “Brain Freeze” Challenge.

The Brain Freeze Challenge:

“Eat 10 scoops of ice cream, two bananas, strawberry topping, pineapple topping, nuts and home made whip cream in 1 hour. No bathroom breaks allowed. If you complete the challenge you win a T-Shirt and get the $19 sundae for free.”

These rules are followed strictly. I was allowed to use the bathroom before starting. When I got back to the seat, the bowl was waiting for me. The waitress handed me a spoon, and checked the clock.

I began eating at 7:03.

photo 4


By 7:33 I was still going strong. I had eaten both bananas and about half of the ice cream.

photo 1

By 7:43 my bowl still looked like this:


Inside, I began to experience inner turmoil. It’s just a stupid ice-cream challenge, you may be saying to yourself. You would probably be one of the many customers in the restaurant giving me horrified looks of disgust. Yes, it appears to be just an ice cream challenge. But before I began, the waitress told me no woman has ever succeeded at the Brain Freeze Challenge. I wasn’t just winning this for me. I was winning this for women everywhere. I couldn’t fail them, I couldn’t fail us.

But by 7:53 my urge to puke overwhelmed my urge to be a symbol of feminism.

Although today I failed, I have lost the battle, not the war. Do not doubt that I will return and finish this. One day I will win the Brain Freeze Challenge for us ladies, you’ll see. This is not over.



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